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The purpose of this website is to provide a useful resource for our members as well as all those who join us in our commitment to public education. All of you, as outstanding men and women in the profession of education, are making life-changing difference in the lives of the young people of the City of Gardner.

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Fuel For Athletes

GEA Community Outreach Project

At our latest GEA e-board meeting we discussed Community Outreach projects. It has been brought to our attention that many of our student-athletes in our own community of Gardner Public Schools are not receiving the appropriate fuel they need to participate in their rigorous practices and competitions. In order for our athletes to operate at their peak potential they need adequate hydration, carbohydrates for quick, efficient energy and protein for building and maintaining strong muscles as well as for muscle and tissue repair.

With this said we are asking our membership to reach out to these student-athletes by contributing meal replacement bars (not granola cereal bars) and sp0rts drinks (Gatorade and Powerade). The Athletic Director, Andy McKenzie has agreed to store these items and make them available to the coaches as needed.

For your convenience we are also accepting cash, checks (payable to GEA), or gift cards to Walmart or BJ's so that we can purchase these items for the student-athletes.

There will be a box in the main office of Gardner High School for your contributions. If you choose to donate via cash, a check or gift card please put these in Patty Lemieux's mailbox at Gardner High School.

Thanks to all of you in advance!